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Skip Logics

Skip logic (also known as conditional branching) is a feature that allows you to create custom paths in your survey, showing questions based on responses to previous questions. Sometimes you need to exclude or include questions in a survey based on the replies given by the respondent for earlier questions. So, this feature helps the respondents to skip non-essential questions or pages and directs them to next relevant question or page.

For example in a gender based survey, questions on pregnancy need not be answered by respondents who select “Male” as their gender. Based on the selection of gender, the respondents can be guided to different paths in the survey.

To set skip logics:

  1. Enable “skip this question when
  2. Click “add rule
  3. Set conditions under which the question should be skipped. In the pictured example, a previous multiple choice question on Gender exists so this pregnancy question will be skipped if question [Gender], condition [equals], response [Male]
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