Powerful features that make it easy
to conduct interviews, research, surveys,
assessments & more

Powerful features
for collecting data
the smarter way

Digitize field data collection in 3 simple steps

• Create a form
• Collect data with mobile app
• Monitor and track activities in real-time
• Create form online using Insyt form builder
• Collect responses with Insyt mobile app
• View and analyze field reports in real-time

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Main Features

Collect any kind of data

Easily capture text, number, image, fingerprint and signatures with Insyt mobile data collection app

Customize workflows

Create a workflow that suits your processes. Move and track responses through different stages

Meaningful Insights

Visualize hidden patterns and trends in your data with our powerful analytics tool


define geographical areas for field agents to ensure data is being collected exactly where you want

Offline data collection

Collect data in off-grid areas with or without an internet connection

GPS Location and mapping

Capture location coordinates and map land areas into GIS polygons

Team Management

Manage and track location and performance of field agents

Error Management

Push back errors to the field for correction. Easily identify and delete duplicate responses

Validation Rules & Skip logics

Eliminate bad data by setting rules and parameters for your responses. Link questions to make forms quicker to fill