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Enables you to capture short format text (e.g. Name) and long format text for open-ended questions (e.g. what is your feedback on the project?)

Refer to Validations & Skip Logics [General] and Skip Logics for how to use the following settings:

  • This is required
  • Help text/instruction
  • Keyword
  • Regular Expression (Regex)
  • Use as response summary
  • Checkpoint

Turn on Accept multiple lines for long format text responses e.g. what do you think about….

  • Set the number of characters allowed by entering a minimum and maximum number.
  • This is useful for validating data that has a specific number of characters e.g. phone number, ID number or car license plate.
  • A character limit is a numerical limit on how many letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, digits, etc. data collectors can type as a response.
  • If data collectors exceed any given character limit, they are instructed to cut down responses to fit the number of characters (letters/numbers/symbols/etc.) before the responses can be submitted via the Insyt mobile app.

Validation Rules

Turn on validation rules that reject and flag responses on the mobile app that do not meet defined rules.

For example, to set a rule that ensures a text response to the question [What is your favorite city] is restricted to responses chosen in a previous multiple-choice question [Which cities have you lived in?], set the following rule pictured on the left:

  1. Turn on Validation rule on the ‘What is your favorite city?’ question
  2. Select the first validation e.g. is in
  3. Select the second validation e.g. values
  4. Select the conditional question e.g. ‘Which cities have you lived in?’
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