Collect and manage
data the smart way

Collect, track and analyze real-time data from the field
with mobile forms you can create in minutes
Trusted by over 500+ companies

Digitize Your Field Data Collection

Create dynamic mobile forms, track field performance and
gain real-time insights into your fieldwork.

Collect data in real-time

Capture a wide-range of data – text, image, GIS maps, signature etc – with mobile-based forms tailored to your specific needs. Eliminate data errors by setting rules that restrict wrong data from being submitted.


Collect data offline
in areas without internet

No wi-fi or network? No problem. Data collected in offline mode is saved on devices and synced later when connected to the internet


Visualize and analyze
trends in your data

Leverage data-driven insights with a range of interactive charts and maps – for improved decision making. Create customized dashboards that track key metrics in and across projects


Streamline your fieldwork

Collaborate seamlessly with your team by creating workflows that integrate with your organization’s existing processes

Trusted field data collection solution
for 500+ organizations worldwide

Improving Targeting for Social Protection Programs in Ghana
Biometric Registration & GIS Mapping of 200,000 Farmers for Subsidies
Managing Field Data Collection Projects
Enabling Cash Transfers To Poor Households In Ghana
Profiling Program Beneficiaries For Improved Targeting
Tracking Teacher Attendance and Punctuality in Northern Ghana

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