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Response Types

Insyt allows you to capture data in a wide variety of formats. Using the right question type for your form helps improve data accuracy. 

To add a question, click “Add question”, enter your text in the question window and select from the following question types:

  1. Number: to capture numeric values as a response (e.g. 18, 19, 20)
  2. Introductory Text: add descriptive information to help enumerators/field agents. This question type does not require a response.
  3. GPS Coordinate: to capture GPS coordinates in longitude and latitude (e.g. 6.9480267,-9.4681083,9.7)
  4. Text: capture short and long format text for open-ended questions (e.g. name or what is your feedback on the project?)
  5. Signature: Capture signatures for validation purposes by signing with fingers or touch-pen on the data collection device.
  6. Tree: Capture multi-level option questions accurately with Tree. For example, select Country -> select City -> select Town.
  7. Video: capture up to 60 seconds of short video clips
  8. QR Code: Scan and capture QR codes
  9. Email address: capture email address accurately – verifies email format automatically.
  10. Image: capture images from camera or phone gallery of data collection mobile device.
  11. Multiple Choice: capture single/multiple select responses from a list of predefined options.
  12. GIS Polygon: capture GIS polygons to map geographic areas and calculate land size. for mapping surveys
  13. Date: capture date and time e.g date of birth, event date etc
  14. Fingerprint: human fingerprints are unique making them the best way to identify people. Capture fingerprint using the Insyt Biometric app and 3rd party hardware.
  15. Calculation: Calculate values from within a form (addition, subtraction etc)
  16. Audio: capture and record short audio clips
  17. Bar code: scan and capture bar code information
  18. Phone number: capture phone numbers from any country accurately. Verifies number format automatically by country.


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