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Tracking Teacher Attendance and Punctuality in Northern Ghana

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Challenges in tracking teacher attendance and punctuality across the country is a problem for the Ghana Education Service (GES). This data is very important in order to assess the quality and performance of the education system, as well as to guide GES district offices on how to allocate resources.

Challenges in paper-based tracking
The GES relies on circuit supervisors to visit all schools within a district in reporting teacher attendance and punctuality, amongst other metrics. Challenges with this paper-based process include:
• Delayed reports from circuit supervisors due to logistical challenges
• Inaccurate data from circuit supervisors who do not bother doing school visits
• Inaccurate data from teachers who were manually recording attendance via a log book

Improving data accuracy from the field
GES district office in Wa-East decided to digitize their tracking of teacher attendance and punctuality with Insyt. Teachers no longer use a manual log-book to record their attendance, instead they use Insyt which automatically time stamps responses – ensuring accurate information is being provided.
They are also using Insyt to track school visits by the circuit supervisors. By capturing GPS data, the GES District office can ensure that indeed circuit supervisors have visited the schools.

The GES district office in Wa-East has observed that teacher attendance and punctuality has improved since using Insyt to track this data.

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