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Profiling Program Beneficiaries For Improved Targeting

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The POWER Project: Promoting Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Rights
ActionAid’s POWER project is working through local partners to mobilize and organise rural women to raise awareness of and claim their rights, as farmers and carers. It is doing this by addressing Unpaid Care Work and, at the same time, by increasing productivity and access to markets through the practice of Agroecology. It also addresses Violence Against Women as a cross-cutting issue.

Challenges in field data collection
The main data collection challenges faced by Action Aid were:
• tracking field agents and project activities in real-time
• getting accurate information on project beneficiaries

Profiling project beneficiaries to receive targeted information
With Insyt, Action Aid was able to profile 6000 female farmers across 8 districts in Ghana. Data collected from farmers included crop preference and farm location. This information helped Action Aid provide targeted and accurate weather and market price information to these farmers via SMS and Voice SMS.

Action Aid was also able to track field activities in real-time, helping them make data-driven decisions which improved their field operations.

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