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Insyt is an integrated web and mobile platform for:

  • data collection, 
  • data visualization, 
  • communication and 
  • project management.

Use cases include: profiling; baseline surveys; research surveys; mapping surveys; project evaluations, field research; administrative forms; digital service delivery, Donor reporting; M&E reports etc

Insyt consists of 5 software components:

  1. Insyt (web): Enables you to build mobile forms with advanced features to capture multi-format and longitudinal data, as well as eliminate data errors during data collection. Plan field data collection activities with the Todo feature. Send responses back to agent devices for quality control.
  2. Insyt (Mobile App): A mobile app that enables you to fill out forms on an android phone or tablet. Data captured is automatically uploaded to the Insyt server when an internet connection is available and stored locally on the device when in offline mode.
  3. Insyt Analytics: Visualize your data in real-time using interactive charts. Measure data against targets. Upload and visualize existing databases.
  4. Insyt Push: Communicate with teams, project beneficiaries, and other interest groups using SMS and voice channels. Schedule reminders and announcements anytime, anywhere. Leverage for advocacy and mass information campaigns.
  5. Insyt People: Organize and manage your groups here to send messages through Insyt Push.

This manual is designed to serve as a comprehensive companion for working with all the above components of the Insyt application.

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