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Switch organization

If you’re an administrator in multiple organizational accounts, you will be able to switch between accounts.

To switch organizations:


1. The first step is to open Insyt and click the dropdown on the menu bar

Step 1 image

2. Click Switch Organisation

Step 2 image

3. Click your preferred organization to switch to

Step 3 image

4. That’s it. You’re done.

Step 4 image

Here’s an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **


  1. Click on the menu dropdown in the top-right corner and select ‘Switch Organization’
  2. A pop-up will appear asking you to ‘Choose an organization to switch to‘.
  3. The current organization you are in will be under ‘Current Organization
  4. Select your preferred organization to switch to in the list below
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